Chatham Historic Dockyard

On Sunday, The Boy, The APs and I went to Chatham Historic Dockyard. It’s an interesting mixed use site with a working boatyard, rope works, offices and part of the University of Kent as well as the museum.

I was rather taken with the figurehead on HMS Gannet…(esp. the feet)

…and its copper bottom.

The Boy was very excited by the sub HMS Ocelot. When my Dad took a school party here in the late ’60s, when it was still a working dockyard, he saw a similar sub being built.

This is one of the last WW2 destroyers (in service till the early ’70s) HMS Cavalier. My knowledge of the arctic convoys is all garnered from ‘The Cruel Sea’ – it was a very hard life.

I found it very weird to see colours and typefaces I associate with domestic goods from the ’40s on these missiles.

The wheel wasn’t on the bridge but down below.

I don’t think Dad belongs here….

…this is more like it!