Escape to Pinkhill

Fate seems to be consipring against us:

  • the PC is knackered
  • someone rear ended my car on Thursday
  • the boiler has f*&%ked out (although The Boy many have soted that out)
  • our BT line isn’t working
  • and my memory card has yet to arrive!

Rather than descend into a morose fug, I suggested we go out for a walk. Here are some of the fun things we saw.

Broad beans growing wild by Pinkhill Lane…fill your pockets….

…or in my case, handbag.

The meadow grass made me think of ‘Little House of the Prairie’.

The flags are past their best….

…but I loved the refections on the water.

Here’s a brave little lily…

…a nicely weathered sign….

…and a frankly vicious looking sheep.

If you can pop down to the lock and see the garden, it’s glorious.

Now I recognise that pink duck!

No comment….

Obligatory boat shot.

Not sure what plane this is but it was heading for Brize Norton.

This boathouse is a ruin now. It looks nice and gothic, but I wish the owners would restore it to its Edwardian grandeur.

The big boats down at Oxford Cruisers. I love the way they dominate the river.

Adam took this pic of a rather friendly hound we met.

And here is a cute foal just by the Troll Bridge.

At this point the rain set in in earnest and we were lucky enough to be rescued by Sue, David and Harry. Not only did we get a lift, but we were also given pizza and beer! It just shows that you never know how a day is going to turn out.