Burgundy 2008 – Golf Widow

On our first day, The Boy had arranged to play a round a Morfontaine, which is a very famous and historic golf club just outside Paris. This gave me the chance to explore Chantilly (where the cream comes from!). And what should I see but this!

And then this…had I strayed through a wormhole back into Eynsham?

I liked this bird box…

…and this school name.

However, my main reason for visiting was the château – which houses an amazing art collection. I couldn’t take any pictures inside, but believe me, it’s well worth a visit. Apparently, they don’t have many English speaking visitors (which astounded me) – and the two others I met there, were also golf widows!

I ADORE this lion’s snooty look.

They’d had a Russian film crew filming a period drama for the last few weeks.

And the château is often used as a backdrop for wedding photos.

I didn’t get a chance to visit the gardens, which are huge – like all French tourist attractions, there was a ‘petit train’ to take you round.

Chantilly is twinned with Epsom, and also has a race track, with the magnificent old stables turned into a museum, where they have horsey spectaculars. I thought this was an interesting juxtaposition of old and new on the roof!

Not a bad little building is it? Again I couldn’t take pics inside, which was a shame, as the main area was quite something, with a dome and a huge fountain. The horses looked in lovely condition. There was a lovely little horse, which I took a fancy to, and I couldn’t work out its breed. I looked on the stable door, and realised that it was a SLIM Shetland pony – blimey.

I sneakily took this shot on my phone for my m-i-l Lin, as she is very fond of ‘the horses that go up and down’.
Now, all these magnificent piles are all very well – but I’d be more than happy with this gate house.

And the kitty of course (ssh – don’t tell Maisie!)

Alas and Alack

Our PC has died, or rather is very sick. It’s started crashing, and now makes a high piched squealing noise whenever you try to boot it up. A friend’s husband has kindly said that he’ll come and look at it on Friday afternoon (note to self – bake cake Friday morning). Adam is taking his laptop off to Portugal – so no pics from me for a while.

What I have been thinking about photographing:

– Mr Dust Documentry (Iain at Pinkhill Lock)
– Addictions (jewelery, handbags,food,beer)
– More glass and reflections
– Adding to my hand collection
– Lorna at work in her ‘studio’
– more generally about capturing ‘creativity’ in action
– The texture of thick oil paint up close
– Something to capture the changes in A as the HGH kicks in (rebirth?)
– Eynsham door knockers (or just door decoration generally)
– Medicine (saviour & deadly)
– Portraits of people through objects they own/are associated with
– Maddy/Courtney eye view, taking a series of pictures from child height

Although just playing with my new D80 will take up a fair amount of time methinks!

Some of my Favorite Pictures

Feeling really grotty today – so I’ve occupied myself with something that’s very low impact. I’ve been sorting through the piles of photos I’ve accumulated over the years. Here are a few that I really like.

This one is my Uncle John teaching my niece and nephew to row on the river at Alveston – just as he taught my sister, brother and me. It captures a special moment.

These handmade signs were outside a monastry garden in Majorca. The images are perfectly clear, but subverted somehow.

OK – this is pure sentiment. I love otters of all varieties. They move so fast that I was very pleased to get a clean shot.

The texture and the colour of these leaves (from the gardens of Castle Drogo in Somerset) is stunning.

Since I was a kid, spending my summers on the river, I’ve been fascinated by oars in water.

This is the shadow of the window lead on the floor of Stanton Highcourt church. I have 100s of photos of different shadow shapes.

Sunset at Eynsham tollbridge in flood. This solitary boat looked very lonely.

I love Cornwall and one of my special places is the Barbara Hepworth sculpture garden in St.Ives. There is an amzing sense of peace there. The sculpture and planting knit together incredibly well.