Hurrah for Bob!

Thanks be to Bob – the PC is now fixed (it was the video card for those of you who are of a curious disposition).

So…the boiler is fixed (thanks be to Frazer); my car is in the repair shop (go, Matt, go); and the BT man cometh tomorrow. What with Adam on the HGH everything is on the way to being mended. All I need now is my CAMERA BITS and my cup will runneth over etc. etc.

I got my sketch book out today – so if I’m really brave I might post some of my ‘tea time’ series.

The House of Malfunction

We don’t seem to have made a huge amount of progress this past week – PC, boiler and BT line are all still on the blink.

On the positive news front – my car is in the repair shop, I’ve shaken off my horrid virus and The Boy seems to be feeling a lot better too (despite his feet and hands swelling).

I have pondered being a Buddist and renouncing material possessions, but have decided that I just want them fixed. Note to self – say a few novas to the patron saint of plumbing.

Alas and Alack

Our PC has died, or rather is very sick. It’s started crashing, and now makes a high piched squealing noise whenever you try to boot it up. A friend’s husband has kindly said that he’ll come and look at it on Friday afternoon (note to self – bake cake Friday morning). Adam is taking his laptop off to Portugal – so no pics from me for a while.

What I have been thinking about photographing:

– Mr Dust Documentry (Iain at Pinkhill Lock)
– Addictions (jewelery, handbags,food,beer)
– More glass and reflections
– Adding to my hand collection
– Lorna at work in her ‘studio’
– more generally about capturing ‘creativity’ in action
– The texture of thick oil paint up close
– Something to capture the changes in A as the HGH kicks in (rebirth?)
– Eynsham door knockers (or just door decoration generally)
– Medicine (saviour & deadly)
– Portraits of people through objects they own/are associated with
– Maddy/Courtney eye view, taking a series of pictures from child height

Although just playing with my new D80 will take up a fair amount of time methinks!