I write a lot of letters, and I like to decorate the envelopes with stickers. I was rather touched, last time I was at Rose View – that my Ma had removed some of them to keep.

Typical Saturday

Here is my typical Saturday. Pootle up the road and buy some nice veg. OK – it’s not France or Florence, but it’s a damn sight better than the alternative. Plus they are LOCAL.

And Anneke and David are really nice people (and I’d have written this even if David hadn’t given me a free fig on Saturday).

Then for a coffee…and maybe a little something at The Emporium. OK – this wasn’t a typical Saturday as my folks were visiting. Here they are with the lovely Lorna and the alluring Fiona.

Then we head off to the butcher for the Sunday joint and a bit of banter. Martin, one of the butchers is a martial arts expert of some kind. I have visions of him karate chopping the joints up in the cold store.

And then onto the deli for other food delights. As you can see, I was stalking Fiona.

Then I usually relax. My Ma is incapable of relaxing – it makes her ill. Here she is weeding and stroking the cat at the same time!

Pa & Rowan’s Things

I’m slowly getting used to having Pa and Rowan’s things about the house. The Copenhagen plates….

…and the blue vase feel like they’ve always been here.

This painting on the other hand…well i think the world knows my opinion by now. If you would like it please let me know and it’s yours.

This brooch on the other hand is very pretty – not sure when I’ll get the chance to wear it. I believe it always brought good luck at the races.

The watch couldn’t fit any one else’s wrist.

Tippet – the draft excluder had to come home with me.

The ring intrigues me – but this photo makes me think I need to invest in some very expensive skin cream

The wonderful mirror from their hall is now in my bedroom. I guess in time I’ll feel these things are mine.

Technical Whizz

Hurrah – have installed the web cam I gave Dad for his birthday. I admit this photo makes me look like I’m at the bottom of a pond!

Now I have persuade him to use it! I’ve given up hoping Ma will use her digital camera. Although she did turn on Dad’s broadband router today which suprised me no end.

Rose View – The Garden

Driving back to my parents’ house in Kent, I realised how much the place had changed. All the oast houses are now desirable residences and the hops are long gone. However, the orchards are still in bloom and wonderful.

As I was driving I couldn’t take an orchard, so here’s the quince in my parents’ garden – planted next to the remains of the old quince.

The crab apple – whose fruit will become jelly.

I couldn’t resist these love blue bobbles – ceanothus I believe.

And I also couldn’t resist this little violet.