The Talented Templeman

I have SO MANY talented friends – maybe I should have a salon :-).

The lovely Sue Templeman now has a showcase on the Web – Sue has begun to really challenge herself, and experiment with new styles and techniques, it’s great to watch her blossom. I’m going to check in frequently (and perhaps buy something) – I suggest you so the same.

Danger Artist at Work!

The lovely and talented SueC put on a painting demo out side the Eynsham Emporium, as part of ArtsWeeks (and put in her bid for ‘Eynsham Rear of the Year’.

Check out the sexy flip-flops twinned with the ‘ready for business’ apron.

As Sue is so slight, and her paints so HUGE, I think she looks about six 🙂 .

Boat Art

One of the things I enjoy about hanging out with ‘dirty bargees’ – is seeing how people decorate their boats. Here are some I saw on my trip to Enslow and back earlier this week…

A mermaid…

A hound…


And a lovely working boat that belongs to Mark Paris. It’s a great floating advertisment for his work – lovely paint job :-).

Plus, I adore the conceit that ‘Helene of Troy’ belongs to Paris.

Birthday Girl!

I was too busy dashing around and generally being familial to take many photos at Gertie’s party. But here is one of the few – the Birthday Girl enjoying Sue’s fuchsia picture.

Gertie’s younger brother, Erik, was a artist (as well as an eye surgeon) and she has a number of his paintings at home. She was really pleased to have something ‘painted for her’ once more. Many, many thanks Sue!

THAT painting again….

Adam had a play with my new long lense and took some pictures of THE painting…

It almost looks like he was by the seaside. I haven’t warmed to it, but it is becoming part of the furniture.