Places I Love

I’ve been feeling very low today – so I thought I’d take time to remember some of the lovely places I’ve been to. I loved this little folly at Heligan. I’ve always had a good time in Cornwall, but I had a really blissful day here with A., Christopher and André.

South Africa was a troubling and amazing place. Ever wondered why it’s called Table Mountain?

A big highlight for me was meeting Tinkerbell, an orphan, baby hippo. Apparently my scream when I saw her was so loud, it knocked a few satillites out of orbit!

Part of my heart will always be in the Scottish Highlands and Islands. This is Dun Carloway broch on Lewis.

When ever I can I try and make it to Fountains Abbey. I can’t put my finger on what it is, but something about the place speaks to me.

However, the place that is really special is Milford Sound. A. and I went to New Zealand on honeymoon, and despite being eaten alive by black fly had an amazing time. If I could be any where on earth I’d be there – where glaciers and rain forest meet.