Denmark 2008 – Into the Woods

The forest is a lovely place to walk. Here Birgit and I are deciding how much wood to steal for her stove :-).

I hate the nights drawing in, but isn’t Autumn colour wonderful?
This stump gives you some idea how old the forest is.

The Sea, The Sea

One way and another the Boy and I have been through the mill of late. So we decided to go and have a nice day out together. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d seen the sea, so we headed to Lymington. Partly because it’s a nice spot, party because it means you drive through the New Forest (and I could pony spot), and partly so A. could see if he had any memory of returning there from the Isle of Wight when he was knee high to a pork pie.

Lymington is a nice yachtie sort of place. We had lunch here, which was nice… but I was in the mood for some seafood, a bit of mayo and a hunk of bread, and it was impossible to find. As A. pointed out, if we’d been in France you wouldn’t have been able to move for it… grrr.

Now this poor chap was in the middle of painting a picture of the pub….

…when some bugger parked a white lorry in front of it, and started unloading some fish (very good looking plaice).

Here is an old seadog.

A couple of chaps who’ll soon be breaking the rules!

Now, I know what you’re thinking – she had a few drinks at lunchtime. In fact, a combination of spray and sunshine meant I couldn’t see through the viewfinder!

A convenient groyne (not GROIN Lorna) meant that I could get a shot of The Needles.

I was really pleased to catch the rods in this V shape. We had a chat with another angler who was after bass and bream but had caught “BUGGER ALL”.

The salt flats reminded me of Romney Marsh, where I spent a lot of time as a kid.

Hurst Spit separates the salt flats from the Solent. The perspective was stunning.

The Boy wanted to get his feet wet… but this wasn’t what he had in mind!

A rogue wave caught him when he was trying to find out how cold it was (very cold).

Yes – that is a Telecity t-shirt I’m wearing. I always say that techies (or wozatechies like me) don’t need CVs – we just need to send in photos of the washing line!

Got a bit arty for a moment….

One for Mrs. Pink….

Now funny you should mention otters…

A. had seen a sign for an animal sanctuary on the map and decided to head there. Suddenly, a huge sign hove into view – Otter and Owl Sanctuary! My two big Os – predicatably I started squealing. “Oh dear” said the Boy “if this place is shut I’m going to have to commit suicide!” Luckily it wasn’t – but I was too busy cooing to take many pictures.
I took this one….

And this one…but for the rest you’ll need to go to A’s blog (they are very cute).

Anyway – the buggers kept moving – unlike my trademark flowers 8-).
A good day methinks (and not a drop of the hard stuff passed my lips!).