February 2015 – Commagny Priory

It’s been a while hasn’t it? In February found me back in Moulins-Engilbert. The Boy was having a ‘writer’s retreat’, while I had a retreat. Last summer I decided that I was going to take up a new hobby, visiting Cluny Abbeydaughter houses‘.  Given that there are 181 or so, this will take a while.
The Benedictine Saint- Hilaire Priory in Commagny, isn’t a ‘Sites Clunisien’, as the community was probably attached directly to Rome. Although I couldn’t add it to my ‘I-SPY’ list, hey it’s a nice Romanesque church, so why not.

The church is XIIth century, and the priory house (which is a private residence nowadays) was built in 1336.

The day I visited was absolutely freezing, so I didn’t linger inside for long.

The roof was absolutely beautiful, rather like an upside down Viking longboat.

The light was beautiful that day.
I adored the stairs. They look like an enormous pencil sharpening.

I must pop back again as apparently there’s a holy well, mentioned in ‘The Golden Bough‘ no less. I don’t think The Weeping Cross would forgive me if I didn’t track it down.

Burgundy 2013 – Millefeuille

In Moulins…Sunday means…

…roast chicken and millefeuille.

They are very special millefeuille…

…with the usual yumminess…

…fresh raspberries.

As you can see…

…this makes Adam very happy.



Burgundy 2008 – Moulins-Engilbert

Moulins is everything English people expect a small, rural town in France to be like…

…including Le Mairie, with its colourful flowers.

In addition, it has a ruined castle (where André used to play when he was a boy), and houses with towers (which reignited my latent Rapunzel yearnings).

I loved the fact that the tower had a tower weather vane.

Have I mentioned the cow museum?

Burgundy 2008 – Cochon Sauvage?

Well…not wild exactly, but outdoor. We gave this piggy to Christopher, as an early birthday present. He looks very much at home already, but could stand a bit of weathering.

Burgundy 2008 – Chez Christopher and André

Just like us, Christopher and André have a nursing home at the end of their street – in their case, it used to be a convent.

The house is always a welcome sight – it’s been in André’s family since the 1880s.

André’s father was a saddler – hence this rather nice horse outside.

You walk through the garage into a little oasis – you can just see the window of our room above the white door.

This is what it looks like inside.

This is the view from one of the back windows…

André has had inside steps added – but this used to be the way in…

….which leads to Christopher’s garden. The plastic at the back is because they allow…

…swallows to nest.

Opposite is the cow museum – but we’re NOT allowed to go there :-).

Mo2u1-=- (this title was typed by Maisie walking over the keyboard))

I’ve been trying to sort out a trip to Moulins to visit Christopher and André. This is their lovely courtyard garden. You can see one of our bedroom windows at the back. The room is above what was André’s family’s saddlery workshop. Behind is the river – it’s lovely to lie in bed and see the ripples reflected on the ceiling. It’s a wonderfully peaceful place, and we have fantastic hosts. I can’t wait to be there.

I wonder if the swallow will try and raise another family this year?