France 2013(2) – Lac des Settons

I’ve been very slow to blog my holiday pictures this time, I think it’s because for once, I really didn’t want to come home.

The Boy and I are far from being ‘Beach Holiday’ people, but we ended our trip with a blissful couple of afternoons sat next to a beautiful reservoir, the Lac des Settons.

We read, snoozed and I swam in fresh water for the first time in forever.

It was close to perfection.

France 2013(2) – Le Chalet du Montal (Dun-les-Places)

On our way back from Époisses, we stopped of at Le Chalet du Montal

…a restaurant with rooms, in a fabulous location. The folks who run it are really nice, and they have a cute pooch that came out to greet us, and took us to our table :-).

It was a lovely end to a great afternoon.

It’s very painful to think that on the 26th June 1944 Dun-les-Places was the site of a terrible massacre. The beautiful hills of the Morvan have seen some dreadul things.