Poor cow! Breached by Adam when he needed a pint to get over the shock when he thought his wallet had been stolen!

I meanwhile was being traumatised by Mortimer Bones! “All you have to do is sit in the front and drink tea” she said! she pointed out it’s not everyday you learn how to steer a narrowboat and get groped by a man from the Evirnonment Agency (and a poet to boot). Still, I’d forgive that lass anything and she’s just got another 3 years funding to look at brains – hurrah!

Tomorrow, A. and I are off to Scotland via Yorkshire and Co.Durham. The Boy is looking at golf courses and I’ll be catching up with friends I haven’t seen for a criminally long time. I’ll also get a day trolling around Edinburgh, which is one of my fave. places. There are two exhibitions I want to see, and I’m sure I’ll make my usual pilgrimage to the coffee shop in John Lewis’ which has one of the best view of the city and hot chocolate to die for.

And yes, Sandy, the Golf Course Architecture gopher is coming too!

Trip to see Bones

Finally got to catch up with Mortimer Bones this weekend. All I ever seem to read about is the boat being taken apart so it was good to see….

…the boat in one piece.

And room to walk about.

I love the look of this palette, there’s been some serious painting going on here.