Turkey 2010 – Pamukkale Travertines

The cliffs made from mineral deposits at Pamukkale are quite astonishing.

However, those of you like Mr and Mrs MK, who visited a few years ago…
…will see that they are a shadow of their former glory.
Pressure on the local water supply by agriculture & swimming pools are to blame apparently.

Turkey 2010 – Kaklik Cave

Our last port of call, was Pamukkale, near Denizli, to see the Travertines, huge calcium cliffs. As we had a decent amount of time there, we visited the Kaklik Cave, to see a calcium deposit at an earlier stage.

The smell of sulphur was quite noxious…
…and it was very hot and airless.
Looking at this deposit it’s easy to understand the name Pamukkale, cotton castle.
The shapes we’re quite fascinating…
…and very beautiful.
As we came up into the air, the cave mouth was full of swallows…
…coming back to their nests.

I always keep an eye out for a fig tree. This one is especially brave!