Meditative Thoughts – A Post with NO Pictures

As some of you may know I took a class on mindful meditation last year. Although I’ve rather neglected it lately, it’s interesting to ponder how it changed my interactions with the world (internal and external).

Lovely Lorna sent me a link today about Miksang a form of contemplative photography. To quote Michael Wood:

“The visual world could be perceived directly, without the burden of our habitual likes and dislikes, associations, memories, all of which obscure clear perception.”

I know I seem to ‘see more clearly’ when I look through the lense of my camera. Or just see MORE – walks with me and a camera are very slow and stately! It also helps to centre me in the present – a key meditation technique.

All this links with some of the existencial counselling training I completed some time ago. There the emphasis was on the importance of present experience. rather than constructs and theories about personality.

So…there seems to be a theme – and my camera is my anchor in the present.

Is this self indulgent claptrap? Maybe, but it comforts me to think the strands are coming together somehow.