Madeira Me

At last…a pic of me that I like (OK – there’s a lot of coat) – guest photography by The Boy. If you have a look at his blog, you’ll see another snap of me, that he likes.

More Memories…

I had a really nice time with weekend, looking through some family photo albums with my Dad. As you liked the last picture of ‘lil Lucy’ – here is one we found of the three of us. I guess I’d be about 18 months or so. As you can see, Jerry didn’t really have eyebrows until he was somewhat older 8-).

Navel Gazing & Constraint

Here I am, home alone after an evening of fun with Mortimer Bones and Fr Rattue. So what have I been up to?

I’ve been listening to music….

…reading books….

…and playing at dressing up (what am I going to do with the coat with the real fur collar Rowan gave me?).

Sounds fantastic doesn’t it? So why do I feel so trapped?