Blurred Boy

The Boy is very camera shy, so it’s a shame that this is bit blurred. I’ve but it into black and white, with a red tint, in an effort to sharpen it.

Nothing like a Convert…(UPDATED)

…looks like Margaret’s veggie days are long behind her, given the relish with which she was noshing this burger!
Margaret would like to point out that she’s eating a bacon butty – so much more classy!

Eynsham en Fête

May Day is always a big deal in Eynsham. The Eynsham Morris formed up in the square as usual, but no belly dancers this year. Maybe they don’t come out in the rain?

The camera loves Dave Russell. No wonder he crops up in so many of Lorna’s paintings.

I think this chap has a wonderful profile.

Little Alex didn’t seem that impressed.

Billie was very cheery – love the wellies Jo!
Someone had a nice balloon!

Never too early to join the Morris!

After their gig in the square, the Morris Men then tour the village pubs. Here is Pete Jones taking his ease before the onslaught.

Here is Lorna videoing the dancing. She really comes alive when the Morris are out and about.

The thing I like about Eynsham Morris is that they aren’t effete. They really whack those sticks and stamp their boots. I bet a blow from one of their hankies would do you an injury.

I like to think this is a Frech folk dancer come to spy…note toe action.

The colours are wonderful.
It is a LONG day mind, despite all the free beer.