Camden Market – August 2016

One of my quartet of lovely nieces has been down for a few days. On Sunday we went down to Camden.

It must be at least twenty years since I last visited the market.

It’s as fun and vibrant as ever…

…with lots of great shops and stalls.

I was very taken with this chandelier…

and this sign.

We’d have bought this programme for Prof Pete, but we didn’t know i) whether Sheffield Wednesday had won or ii) if he had it all ready.

More than anything else, it’s a great place to sit and people watch. We had a great lunch at Honest Burgers.  The onion rings are out of this world, and their beer is great.

I won’t leave it another twenty years.

Italy 2012 – Venice, Rialto Fish Market

There’s been a fish market at the Rialto for a long time…

…almost a 1,000 years.

There is every single type of shellfish…

…and seafood you can imagine.

Especially if you have a good immagination.

So it’s little wonder…

…that we couldn’t make up our mind what to buy.