RIP Maisie

Last week our Snr Cat Maisie was taken very ill, and we had to have her put down. She was sixteen and a half, and had been with us for fifteen years (the majority of our married life). She was a friendly, homebody who like nothing better than to sit on my lap.
I’m not going to apologise for missing her. Hard is hard, and there’s no point playing the ‘my hard is harder than your hard’ game. 

The Evidence…

I was woken at about 3am the other night by the cats fighting downstairs. In the morning I found fur and claws everywhere!

Maisie is Stir Crazy!!!

Maisie (see above) had to have a couple of teeth out on Tuesday. We have to keep her in for a week, and she’s beginning to go spare. She is becoming increasingly vocal, and eying up even the smallest, highest window. I think we’ll all be relieved when she can go out again (and forsake the indignities of the poo tray).

That said, a new catnip mouse from Culpepper, has distracted her a bit. Trouble is, it’s now so manky, it looks disturbingly like a real one.

Posing Maisie

My nephew (who’s twelve), was given a mobile phone for Christmas. He’s been sending me texts, and as I’d run out of things to say, I replied to his text on Saturday with this picture of Maisie. She looks rather regal.