Marvellous Magnolia

One of my favourite moments of the Spring is when our magnolia comes into bloom…
…it has such a beautiful tulip shape.
This little blackbird seemed to be enjoying it too.

Magnificent Magnolias

One of the things I look forward to most in the Spring, is our magnolia coming into flower.

It’s absolutely wonderful this year…

…such a shame it doesn’t last very long.

Ours has a while to go before it’s as big as the one in the Priory garden.

Maggie, Maggie, Maggie

It’s also been the best year yet for the magnolia.

We’ve had it about seven years now, and it was also a present from Tantie, Adam’s great-aunt.

I think it’s quite the loveliest flower.

Nice Safe Flowers

Here is the last, brave magnolia flower. I think it almost looks like a water lily.

I think there’s enough of a goth about me (that would be YOU Ms.Bones) to be slightly fixated on black flowers. There are no truely black flowers – this tulip is really a lovely rich purple, but I love the idea of a black orchid. Forget climbing the glass mountian, go find me a bouquet of black flowers….now there’s an idea for a painting all you artist types 8-).