Cruise to Banbury on nb Bones

On Saturday, The Boy and I joined Dr Bones and Crew at Twyford Mill, for a cruise up to Banbury.

Boots decided that it was more fun to run up and down the tow path, with the odd pause to pose looking noble…

…or checking out the locks.

As Maffi was hors de combat, and I’m not very handy, it was up to The Boy and Dr Bones to navigate the locks.

Locks are rather scary when you’re at the bottom – and the water is coming in!

What was Molly doing? A little bit of looking out…

…some snoozing…

…and a bit of a cuddle.

“Hey Boots, look…food!”

The dainties from the Cornucopia deli in Eynsham, are NOT FOR DOGS!

We jumped ship at Banbury, and took the train home.

“Hey Boots – we’re famous!”

This week just gone we had some friends visiting. No visit to Traves-Lawrence Towers is complete without a trip over to Annie’s Tea Room in Thrupp, so we pottered over there on Tuesday.

It gave us the chance to catch up with Dr Bones, Maffi, Boots & Molly. Dr Bones was kind enough to show my friend Elaine’s urchins round nb Bones. I hope Dr Bones doesn’t mind that she’s become a tourist attraction.

I love Cruising….

As my more dedicated readers know, I have been confined to quarters with a tedious liver compalint. When Maffi asked me if I’d care to accompany him out for a cruise I nearly bit his hand off in my eagerness. In the event, Dr Bones came along as chaperone.

I have fairly major PC problems ce moment, so this is strictly the edited highlights….

As you can see, it was very misty when we set off from Thrupp.

Check out that fig tree..covert…covert..covert…


A bridge over the river Cherwell (I say Charwell, you say Churwell, let’s call the whole thing off…)

Now Maffi and I will never agree politically, but he has two cardinal virtues, i) he can whistle in tune ii) he doesn’t talk all the time.

Enslow dishes…mist now gone…

Look a boat polytunnel…

Enslow Turn…

Lovely canal architecture – this lock just fits one boat. It’s a wonderful contruction with lovely, green weedy walls.

A duck in its own whirlpool…

Lechlade to Eynsham aboard the Milly M

Off from Lechlade with Maffi and Dr Bones.

We were aboard the Milly M, which amongst other things has a DECENT LOO!

And an interesting collection of fishing floats.

Dr Bones did some cleaning which was rather odd behaviour.

Here is the obligatory flower photo 😎

Was it something I said?

The river makes people behave in really odd ways!

No comment needed really…!

Dr Bones showing off again!

The end to a blissful day. Great company, sunshine, bacon sarnies, champagne and the river. Thank you Dr Bones, thank you Maffi. Please can I come along again?