Madeira Day 6 – WHALES!

On our last day, we went for a cruise on the yacht Gavião.

Here’s those scary cliffs form the sea…
As well as lolling about pretending to be beautiful people, we wanted to encounter some sea mammals. Here is one of the crew (Luis or is it the other one…?) on the lookout.

What’s this? Oh, oh, oh – there were three sperm whales, just having a boogie on the surface. The whale pics were taking by The Boy, as I was squealing with joy and jigging about.

None of the whales dived, so we didn’t have a chance to take the fluke ‘money shot’. But at one point, a whale swam under the boat. It was amazing to see that big, dark shape in the water.

Madeira Day 5 – Jeep Tour (Part 5 Odds & Sods)

I took LOTS and LOTS of photos, so here are a few to give you a flavour of the rest of the day.

The Boy doing his George Formby impression.

This was a rum distillery – doesn’t it look like a little Highland one? A couple in our group, Lesley and David, used to live in Jamaica, and Lesley became VERY excited at the tought of rum tasting. Sadly, the distillery was closed in order to sort out the plant prior to the sugar cane season. However, we did manage to buy some, poncha anyone?

All you really need is a sign saying “Don’t be stupid!”

“I see no ships….”

Got to go home soon…

The end of the world.

Fun with a Lily

These grow everywhere on Madeira – it’s quite lovely. However, I found it impossible to take a snap without over exposing it.

So…I decided to play with that and this is the result. I find this image both seductive and kinda scary…(who does that remind me of….?)

Madeira Day 5 – Jeep Tour (Part 2 Flora)

There are lots of beautiful plants and flowers in Madeira, hell it’s renowned for it – here are just some quirky bits and pieces. I thought this little chap looked very brave.

I loved the contract between the red rock flower and the grey lichen.

This is such a beutiful fresh green.

OK – this is a bit of a classic picture, but I couldn’t resist it!

Madeira Day 5 – Jeep Tour (Part 1)

On Friday we went on a jeep tour round the east coast of the island. This is a fairly typical view of the middle of the island. It looks a bit like how I imagine Peru to look.

I bet this lido is very nice in the summer – it didn’t temp me right now….
as The Boy is from Yorkshire, he is made of tough stuff!
OK – this aloe is a BIT bigger than the one that I gave Dr Bones!

Most coastal towns seem to have a lido – as there are only two beaches on the island – one real and one created with sand from Morocco.

I’ve no idea what this plant is. It looks a bit like sage – but didn’t smell when crushed. I like the contrast between the azure sea and the dull green.

Madeira Day 4 – Out and About

The old cliff edge roads are now mostly replaced by tunnels. This is part of the old road on the west side of the island.

It’s still the access to this farm land. As you can see, all the terracing is man made (hmmm…now there’s an idea for the RA show, if entries weren’t already closed) – no land is wasted.

The sea was magnificent – but not somewhere I’d like to try swimming.

Some of the older tunnels were rather scary too!

No wonder there are shrines everywhere!