Fiori di Zucca

The courgette plants we have in the conservatory are already in bloom! Fiori di Zucca anyone? It might be an idea if this year’s crop is anything like last year’s. It was only the combine efforts of Lorna & Family and The Boatyard Crew, that stopped us from being over run.

Eynsham en Fête

May Day is always a big deal in Eynsham. The Eynsham Morris formed up in the square as usual, but no belly dancers this year. Maybe they don’t come out in the rain?

The camera loves Dave Russell. No wonder he crops up in so many of Lorna’s paintings.

I think this chap has a wonderful profile.

Little Alex didn’t seem that impressed.

Billie was very cheery – love the wellies Jo!
Someone had a nice balloon!

Never too early to join the Morris!

After their gig in the square, the Morris Men then tour the village pubs. Here is Pete Jones taking his ease before the onslaught.

Here is Lorna videoing the dancing. She really comes alive when the Morris are out and about.

The thing I like about Eynsham Morris is that they aren’t effete. They really whack those sticks and stamp their boots. I bet a blow from one of their hankies would do you an injury.

I like to think this is a Frech folk dancer come to spy…note toe action.

The colours are wonderful.
It is a LONG day mind, despite all the free beer.

Happy Birthday Lorna!

Happy Birthday – to my good friend Lorna. Here she is with her granddaughter Courtney, working on an artistic project. Would that more people were as honest and honourable as Lorna.

Picture Perfect

Those of you that follow Lorna’s blog, will know that my portrait was finished a few days ago. Here it is in place – as you can see, Lorna and I calculated the availiable space to the millimetre!

It’s a very powerful piece, and I think that Lorna has managed to catch my ‘essence’. She was rather worried about how The Boy would feeling sleeping both underneath as well as next to me. He looks fairly comfortable don’t you think?

Or perhaps he’s feeling a bit like Adam in the Sistine Chapel?

Typical Saturday

Here is my typical Saturday. Pootle up the road and buy some nice veg. OK – it’s not France or Florence, but it’s a damn sight better than the alternative. Plus they are LOCAL.

And Anneke and David are really nice people (and I’d have written this even if David hadn’t given me a free fig on Saturday).

Then for a coffee…and maybe a little something at The Emporium. OK – this wasn’t a typical Saturday as my folks were visiting. Here they are with the lovely Lorna and the alluring Fiona.

Then we head off to the butcher for the Sunday joint and a bit of banter. Martin, one of the butchers is a martial arts expert of some kind. I have visions of him karate chopping the joints up in the cold store.

And then onto the deli for other food delights. As you can see, I was stalking Fiona.

Then I usually relax. My Ma is incapable of relaxing – it makes her ill. Here she is weeding and stroking the cat at the same time!

Lorna in the Studio

Lorna is painting my portrait at the moment. As you can see, it’s quite large. It’s going to be interesting working out where to hang it at home.

It was very strange to see all the source images around. I’m just not used to seeing so many pictures of me!

As you’ll have seen from my previous posts, I love the profusion of stuff in an artist’s working space. I was pleased to see Bunny (an Easter present from me) supervising.

Mmmmm – the richness of colour here is fantastic. The purple and the pinky-red are a sumptuous mix.

And here is the exhasuted artist!

Ménage à toe!

Thank you A. for the pun! I find feet fascinating – they come in some many different shapes and sizes. Here we have from left to right – Lorna’s (size 11), mine (6 and a bit) and A.’s (10). Lorna and I both have small big toes (Florentine feet) while A. has the more classical BIG big toe.

Here is the contrast between me and Lorna.

A’s foot looks huge here, although it’s on the smaller side for a chap (especially one who’s 6 foot 3).

Here you can really see the difference in toe length.
Next time you come round to my place – be prepared to take your socks off!