France 2013(2) – Lac des Settons

I’ve been very slow to blog my holiday pictures this time, I think it’s because for once, I really didn’t want to come home.

The Boy and I are far from being ‘Beach Holiday’ people, but we ended our trip with a blissful couple of afternoons sat next to a beautiful reservoir, the Lac des Settons.

We read, snoozed and I swam in fresh water for the first time in forever.

It was close to perfection.

Burgundy 2008 – Lac des Settons

Close to Moulins are two artificial lakes – Lac des Settons and Lac de Pannecière. They aren’t reservoirs, but a means to control the flow of the local rivers.

This area used to be the log-floating centre for the whole of France. Trees cut down in the Morvan were trimmed and lashed together to form huge rafts which floated along the Yonne and the Seine all the way to the centre of Paris.

The shore had lots of lovely flowers and not so lovely biting insects.

I was drawn to the water – it was a very hot day, I wish I’d had my swimmies.

The Boy in pensive mode.

My fave shot – light and shade.