One for Dr Bones…!?!

I’ve been going through the various CDs scattered around the techogarret. I found one that contained photos from my bro’s time in Australia – including this one. It looks like the museum service there is slightly more laid back 🙂 (or maybe I’m the only one that thinks they look like they’re ‘having congress’).

More Memories…

I had a really nice time with weekend, looking through some family photo albums with my Dad. As you liked the last picture of ‘lil Lucy’ – here is one we found of the three of us. I guess I’d be about 18 months or so. As you can see, Jerry didn’t really have eyebrows until he was somewhat older 8-).

Really Little Lucy

As you all liked the last one so much – here is one of Hanna, Jerry and me when we were even smaller. Note my sister’s restraining arm!

More Nostalgia

I found this picture in my Grandpa’s personal papers (thank you Lorna for scanning it). I think it must be from late Spring 1976, making me about 5 and a bit.

No idea why I’m looking so grumpy. Possibly because my big sis is fiddling with my collar – some things don’t change! [And yes this was a STATE school uniform, not private]