Turkey 2008 – Blue Mosque

Here is a view of the Blue Mosque from inside the Hagia Sophia. It was kindly taken by The Boy, as I was too short to see out of the window!

It’s another fabulous building – but it was an absolute zoo inside.

It didn’t help that I was absolutely SEETHING because so few women had bothered to cover their heads. It was so disrespectful. The Blue Mosque is a place of worship, not a museum, and tourists are allowed in, for free, as guests.

I stopped fuming for long enough to take some shots of the tiles…

…for which the mosque…

…is justly famous.

They’re not just blue 🙂

I was stunned by the stained glass – I’d never associated it with mosques before, but then I haven’t been to many.

Turkey 2008 – Hagia Sophia Details

Here are some little details from around the Hagia Sophia which caught my eye. Here is a view from behind one of the round inscription screens…

…and a light fitting waiting to be put back in place.

The stone work is amazing, there was a little row of crosses…

…this lovely jar (isn’t Arabic script beautiful?)….

…intricate tracery at the top of columns…

…this little fish…

…a basket of fruit…

…and some vine leaves.

I always keep my eyes peeled for interesting door furniture – like these lovely flowers…

…beautiful wrought handles…

…and this amazing door which took my breath away.

Turkey 2008 – Hagia Sophia – Ayasofya Mosque

After the Turks took Constantinople, the Hagia Sophia became the Ayasofya Mosque (it’s now a museum). Islamic elements were added over time.

The marble work is very fine….

…but not always quite what it seems. Once I realised that there was a mixture of marble and ‘marble effect’ (because of weight issues I think), I tried to tell which was which, but it was very difficult.

The minbar is especially lovely.

It’s like a little building itself.

The mihrab, which makes the direction of Mecca, is exquisite. It is however, VERY hard to get a decent shot of it, as most tourists sem to want to have their picture taken in front of it. It’s a shame, that such a beautiful expression of faith is treated with so little respect.


It has been put to me that my last entry was rather wet – and I wasn’t fishing for compliments…honest. Although the same person (who shall be nameless, but I bet you can all guess who) reminded me:

‘All Islamic artists make a deliberate error in their work on the grounds that Only God Is Perfect.’

So I’m going to get off my cloud, do the ironing and resurrecting the ‘Campaign for more FUN’