Melbourne Zoo

After a few days in Australia I was beginning to get quite manic in my demand to see critters, so we toddled off to see Melbourne Zoo. I think Melbourne Zoo has its animals on a time share with another zoo, as for a while all I thought I’d see were a few bronze statues.

However, a few came out to play, and here are some highlights…a little meerkat…

…an incredibly colourful parrot…

…a little monkey watching the monkeys…

…a very relaxed lemur….

…some otters.

Oh…and who’s this…?

Could it possibly be…a…

PYGMY HIPPO!!!!!! (yes)

Pods and Blogs

I’ve been listening to this programme, via Podcast, for a little while now. Even if you don’t have the time or inclination to listen, it’s worth having a look at their links each week as they turn up some interesting stuff.

You can check out all the BBC blogs here and their Podcast directory is here.

And there’s always The Archers – not to be confused with The Archers (I love them both).

Best of all – check out the pygmy hippos!