I had my liver scan today. The good news is that there’s nothing abnormal about my liver. It has some fatty deposits, which isn’t unusual, but then the rest of me has fatty deposits, so why not my liver?

So, who knows what’s up with me. I’ve been signed off for another month, and as I’m already seriously stir-crazy, I don’t think I’m going to be very good company.

[I took this picture in the Yorkshire Sculpture Park last year]

Health Update

Hmm…I feel like I’ve spent the last few weeks in either the doctor’s, dentist’s or vet’s (the latter being on Billy’s behalf not mine). The upshot is:

  • I may have a problem with my liver (hence feeling exhausted) and have had to have even more blood tests
  • I narrowly escaped root canal work
  • Billy is a bugger, and as he now refuses to eat medicine laced food, has had to have expensive injections

I won’t be back at work until they have some idea what’s up, and I’m going stir-crazy, but I’m too tired to do anything except work my way through my DVD collection. Oy Vey!