Cornwall July 2015 – Post Isaac

Port Isaac

…really is…

…a very pretty place.

It’s little wonder…

…that it’s often used as a film location.

However, it’s still a working harbour…

…watched over by an old ship’s figure head.

While we were there the lifeboat was called out. Nowadays they’re taken down to the sea by tractor rather than by horse.

I’m glad to say that we saw them come back safely.

Madeira Day 1 – Funchal Harbour

As you can see Funchal is on a hill sloping down to the sea. This is the one beach on the whole island.

What a wonderful place to sail – straight out to the open sea.
Lots of races and ’round the world trips’ stop here – as you can see from the marina wall.
Cruise ships stop here too. This was from ‘Aida Line’ – as The Boy said, “does that mean it’s powered by Hebrew slaves?” I found the lips rather off-putting!
An interesting name for a boat!

It appears that this boat was built for one of the Vanderbilt’s and later belonged to The Beatles before ending up on the scrapheap. It was then rescued and turned into a restaurant.
Hmm lovely – we’re planning a boat trip later in the week!

And here is my bag man!