Muchos Punky!

Our last day in Malaga the rain came down in stair rods! In the bar where we had lunch, I noticed a flock of punkies (see more here) in the freezer.

My late friend Gwen adored Punky, so it was nice to have a reminder of her.


At this time of year, my dear friend Gwen (loved by so many), made lavender bags. I’ve spent the last little while making bags of my own, and remembering her – the many happy times we had, and how much she loved lavender.

It seems apt that lavender was traditionally one of the colours worn during half-mourning. The smell will always remind me of Gwen.

Beleted (Eynsham) Beer Festival Pics

Hurrah – thanks to the lovely Ben Malpus, I now have safe access to the 29QS techo-garret once more. This means I have access to the PC and can blog my beer festival pics from the summer.

It’s been a really good experience, as it’s reminded me what a lovely day it was. And it wasn’t just about BEER…

…we watched a bit of cricket…

…played chess…

…played jenga…
…hung out with the urchins…(this my friend Laura’s husband Pete, and their daughter Willow. I LOVE her chubby little arms and tomboy ways)

And best of all, hung out with our friends – I love you Gwen.