Eynsham Moss

I spied this moss on the top the wall in Pugg Lane the other day. It’s one of those small lovely things that makes a day.

France 2009 – Giverny Upper Garden

On our way down to Burgundy we visited Giverny – Monet’s house and garden.

I’d wanted to go there for years – but I’d been scared to, in case it didn’t live up to expectations.

The Boy sorted it all out, and it was a magical experience.

We went early just after it’d rained…

…the garden was fresh…

…and packed with people full of joy.

It’s easy to understand…

…why it’s been called Monet’s greatest artistic achievement.

Part of me is still there.

Chinese Lanterns

Aren’t these beautiful? As the title implies, they remind me Chinese paper lanterns. They’re tomatillo – the seeds were a present from Dr Bones (deeply ironic, as she’s highly allergic to the nightshade family). Time for a salsa party!

Pottering in the Garden

One of my joys at this time of year, is to potter round the garden clad in only my dressing gown (and yes, Auntie Lorna, sensible footwear).

I’m not the only one enjoying the garden. At the suggestion of my good friend Mick, when I remember I bring some of the house plants outside, for a ‘Summer holiday’.

When I look at my hostas (note evil slug free), I always think of Bren and Mick’s garden – as they have some lovely ones. In fact, their whole garden is lovely. Someone once asked Mick what the secret was to having such a fantastic garden – “carefully cultivating it for 40 years” was the reply.

Mick thinks this is why folks tend to come to gardening as they grow older. The appreciation that things that are important tend to take time, need to be nurtured and there’s always next year. And that the price of slug free hostas is eternal vigilance!

The Boy has companion planted some marigolds in amongst the cavolo nero. On the right, you can see the marigold that turned up on my doorstep as a present a few weeks ago. I’d love to know the sweet, kind person responsible.

I love the contrast between the purple and red – the red plant is from my parent’s garden (another joy of gardening – the bits and pieces you have from family and friends), whereas the purple one was very sad and sorry for itself in a sale bin a couple of years ago.

When we moved in to no 29, we found out that the previous owner, Colin Broad, was a professional gardener, so we had lots of interesting plants and shrubs. This beautiful wild rose is one of his legacies.

In contrast, these sweet, little aliums came up this year for the first time, and I have no memory of planting them!

Finally, here is a sour puss!

Fresh from the Garden

Yum – I’d been very jealous, when our near neighbour, Marmaladekiss, was showing off her broad bean (note singular!) on her blog. On Tuesday, we ate our first garden produce – these baby broad beans, raw as a salad with shaved parmesan.

After the Rain

I went up to the Technogarret to check my email, and was taken by the fresh beauty after the rain. I couldn’t resist taking some snaps with my ‘phone. I love Elsie and Freida’s gardens – they are redolent of time when a garden was about growing produce. I guess, the circle turns, and we’re all going back to it now.

I wish these pictures could give you an idea of how fresh and green everything is.

All the trees on the Queen St side are wonderfully lush and verdent.

The clouds looked fantastic.

I’m not sure if they’re better in black and white or not.

View from the Technogarret

Our Technogarret is a wonderful place to work. It’s in the roof, with a velux window on each side. When I need a break from the screen, I wander to one of the windows and look out at Eynsham.

This is the view from the back of the house.

Frieda and Elsie have their gardens laid out for maximum veg. production. The Boy looks over at Elsie’s empty greenhouse with envy. He day dreams about putting a door in the fence, and popping through to use it.
The Boy would love more space for veg. But, we also want to sit outside drinking and telling stories…with space for visiting children (and adults!) to charge around in. In a garden our size there always has to be choice and compromise – just like life :-).
There’s something magical about Eynsham, and it’s even more beautiful in the Spring.

Madeira Day 5 – Jeep Tour (Part 2 Flora)

There are lots of beautiful plants and flowers in Madeira, hell it’s renowned for it – here are just some quirky bits and pieces. I thought this little chap looked very brave.

I loved the contract between the red rock flower and the grey lichen.

This is such a beutiful fresh green.

OK – this is a bit of a classic picture, but I couldn’t resist it!