Turkey 2010 – Ephesus Hill Houses

Over the last 10 years or so, some high status houses in Ephesus have started to be excavated.

You have to pay an extra fee to see them, and it’s well worth it.
Some of the work is like a huge jigsaw puzzle.
The scale of the houses is quite astounding.
The fresco work is, by all accounts, the finest outside Pompeii.
My jaw dropped when I saw this.

As you can see there are lots and lots of finds.

Look, a Roman goth (although goth meant something quite different then!).
Each house was built under the terrace of the house above.
A Roman water pipe.
Lovely little cherubs…
…and a nice lion.
More jaw dropping stuff…
…astonishingly well preserved.
I thought you might like a better look at the ‘goth girl’, she even has black lipstick.
My fave was this pigeon…
…although this fish was fabulous too.

Captain Cook, Dracula & fish and chips

Whitby has many claims to fame. Captain Cook was born here (there was a small craft in the harbour offering ‘The Captain Cook Experience’. What might that be? Scurvy? Death on the point of a spear?)…

…it was a major whaling port…

…and Dracula made landfall here, in Bram Stoker’s classic (I was rather disappointed, I thought the town would be swarming with goths, like flocks of starlings. Maybe it was too sunny, there is after all, few things funnier than a sunburnt goth).

However, there is also a rather nice polar bear…

…a beautiful harbour…

…and a swing bridge…

…which swung.

Oh, and the Magpie Cafe. Equally famous for its excellent fish & chips, and the LONG queue!