Cornwall July 2015 – (The Point at) Polzeath

The Boy and I have been in Cornwall for the last few days. We were staying at The Point, a golf club, restaurant, and holiday rentals near Polzeath. 

Now, I don’t know much about what makes a good golf course, but I do know a bonny spot when I see one.

I liked the look of the green keeper’s little vehicle. Just the thing for tootling around Eynsham.

Golf courses provide a great habit for birds, animals and plants, including these beautiful roses.

It’s only ten minutes walk from Polzeath beach…

…which is rather lovely.

Le Touquet-Paris-Plage – August 2014

It maybe because it was the end of our holiday, and I was ready to go home, but I didn’t really take to Le Touquet. It might have been because we’d come from rural Burgundy to a town full of people, and an odd mix of glitz and ‘Kiss Me Quick’. It does have a beautiful beach…

…some gorgeous dunes…

…with feral cat colony.

Speaking of cats…

… it also has a wonderful chocolate shop.

I’d say this was something for Christopher Stockdale, but he wouldn’t eat a cute piggy!

Oh…and there’s golf.

Machrie Golf Links

As a self confessed GHH (golf hating harridan), you might think that I’d avoid the Machrie, for all it’s an iconic links course. However, my Pa and I popped in to pick up a little something for Adam.
We were most intrigued by this little stone circle on the putting green? Dad suggested it might be the tomb of the unknown golfer.

Supper with Mr Swan

On Tuesday evening we had supper with Howard Swan – who has been one of The Boy’s, mag‘s staunchest supporters in the golf design industry.

It was great fun, as we went to Brasserie Blanc, in Walton Street, where our lovely neighbour Stephane is a waiter. The manager gave us free glasses of champagne as an aperitif, as we were ‘friends of the house’ – and Stephane was was such a perfect waiter, we almost stumbled into Sartre!

Best of all – Howard took his pens out. I love watching people sketch, and it was great to see him animately illustrating something he is so passionate about.

A Good Walk Spoiled?

This weekend The Boy and I were down in leafy Surrey. After a delightful evening with The Weeping Cross (TWC?) we headed over to Wentworth.

The Boy had a couple of guest tickets to the PGA Golf Championships, and was keen to have a look at the course. My initial plan had been to inhabit TWC’s sofa with a good book or three, but Reader I accompanied him. Despite a waterlogged course, and horrid bitey insects I’m glad I did:

  1. I had a nice walk – the course was built in the 1920s and so there are lots of mature trees etc. It was a bit like Bedgebury Pinetum in places.
  2. The people watching – all types, all ages. I especially enjoyed a family of ladies all clad in the same pale, lime green and two Sikh chaps with their pinstriped trousers tucked into their black business socks.
  3. It was lovely seeing The Boy so happy, striding around fulminating about golf course design.

[PS – the Mark Twain quote I’m alluding to in this post title can only be really understood if you know i) he was a golfer ii) he’d just had a bad round when he made the quip!]

Rudding Park – in God’s own county

For our wedding anniversay (our pottery one, if you’re interested) we went to stay at Rudding Park, just outside Harrogate, where The Boy had golf business. The grounds were landscaped by Repton, so all very Jane Austen, except the orginal house was pulled down and rebuilt by some mill owner from Huddersfield (dodgey people these Huddersfield types!).

Peter and his staff (especially the laconic Felipe in the bar) made us feel really welcome. The chocolate, toffees and little ladybird massage thing were all nice touches, but sybarite that I am I think I’ll recall ‘The Cheese Experience’ for some time to come.

“Come and see the long course” they said…”it’s really pretty” beseeched Peter. And yes, it was. But being me, I was interested in everything apart from the ‘cracking golf holes’ – this floating bridge for instance.

Or these mushrooms…

When was it decided that posh lawns (sorry greens) have stripes? Has someone written the history of the lawn? I’m sure they have.

The half-way house…saviour of many a golfer.

Northern Cyprus – Korineum Golf Club

As well as being a WAG, I was also in Cyprus on assignment – to take pics of the Korineum Golf Club for Golf Course Architecture magazine. I won’t include those shots here, these are the ones I took for myself :-).

Here is the magnificent Five Finger mountain which dominates the course. So called because it looks like the knuckles on a hand.

I was very taken by the way these carts were waiting patiently like wallflowers at a dance.

And the shadows were wonderful too!

This shape is fantastic. I was glad to see that the course developers had kept a lot of the old trees.

Here is Adam looking for his ball the lazy way…the extreme off-road carting he indulged in made me about as uncomfortable as the time we went off-road biking in Scotland. I was sure my bosoms were going to meet up round the back! However, I did get to drive some of the time which was fun..

Yummy olives…they really do look like grapes here Naomi!

Man in unison with nature.

We found the ball here. I guess it must have been placed there…but it made me laugh.