Cornwall 2012 – St Petroc’s, Padstow

St Petroc’s in Padstow is worth the small climb up from the harbour.

The present church was built was built between 1425 and 1450, and there were two previous churches on the site.

As is my wont, I had a wonder round the churchyard…

…and there was lots to see…

…including these beautiful weathered stones, which look like modern sculptures…

…and the precisely angled sundial.

Inside, amongst other things was some beautiful glass. I always love looking at the little villages and cities in the background of paintings and glass.

I also found this St Catherine – patron saint of a good friend.

New Blue

As many of you know, I love blue glass.

To my delight, when wandering through The Covered Market yesterday, I spied these two paperweights in the window of a charity shop.
Not bad for £1 each!

I adore the blue shadows they cast.

More Blue

I seem to like long and thin pictures – maybe because they’d make good postcards.

I can see why Rowan keep this bottle long after the perfume had gone.

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Annie’s Necklace – My Necklace

I went to see Sue’s exhibition this afternoon. As well as Sue’s paintings there was some lovely glass jewelry for sale (such jewelry is a weakness of mine). Knowing this, my friend Annie made me this beautiful necklace and gave it to me for Christmas.

There’s nothing like being made something is there? As you can see it’s in my fave blue glass, with lots of little in-jokes around our friendship. Here is St. Lucy to symbolise me (luckily the medal is small enough the eyes on a plate she’s carrying aren’t obvious).

Here is a heart for Annie and the love we share.

And a teapot and spoon clasp – because i) I drink a LOT of tea and ii) that’s what we seem to do most when we get together.

But most of all, it just a lovely thing. I love how the light shines through it to cast blue shadows.

Slovenly Blue

Not much sun today, so I decided just to go deeper into blue.

While I was phtographing this vase I realise that the spider’s web inside looked quite amazing through the glass.

I also liked the double glass effect through the window into the garden outside.

However, this one I love. Despite showing not only a spider’s web, but a decayed leaf and a bit of feather duster in the vase (I am not a natural house keeper).
I’m really pleased with the colour gradation down the sides, the flash of pink and the way the leaf seems to be suspended in mid-air.

Annie – Blue & Red

Annie and I have been friends from more or less the second we met (look it was the 1980s everyone wore glasses like that). Sadly, for most of that time we’ve been on opposite sides of the Atlantic.

As I collect blue glass she gave me a red glass heart (the logic appeals to me).

Ilove the glow as the sun comes through it.

Blue, Blue Electric Blue

I have a ‘lost chord’ blue – the blue of late summer nights around midnight. I have been trying to find it in blue glass for years.

The search for the elusive blue became bound up with a fascination with how the glass reflected the light and cast beautiful blue shadows. Marc Chagall’s blue stained glass at Reims cathedral was a revelation.

The glass itself is sexy – texture, the odd bubble.

But most of all I love how it bends and twists the light.

As through water, we see the world, but not the world because of reflection and refraction.

I’m not quite sure where this is going yet, but now we have the light evenings I am determined to explore my blue world, perhaps starting with shadows.