Dash It!

I have an acquaintence who lives without electricity, and I’m beginning to wonder if he has a point! One really comes to rely on it.

The reason for my conjectures – our fridge-freezer ist kaput! This has required a mercy dash over to the badlands of West Eynsham to shove various bits and pieces into a friend’s freezer. That leaves us praying that the weather doesn’t take a turn for the better, so our fridge contents remain OK.

You know what this means? No gin and tonic!!!! Maybe we’ll have to evacuate!

Thank you David!

My friend David has helped me out in many ways – helped me get a job with our present employer; numerous lifts; drinks; and sage nuggets of advice. Plus introducing me to Sue, his fabby wife.

This weekend he dragged Sue over hill and ditch in order to buy martini glasses. Why? Because The Boy and I were going over for supper, and he’d found out that I love a ‘proper’ martini (gin, stirred with a twist – “Up yours James Bond”). He’d even prepared some lemon peel for a proper twist!

To know that he’d gone to all that trouble made me feel very special.

Maddy and James Invade!

James and Maddy came over on a ‘play date’. Little did they know the danger they were in!

Look at the weird Wicker Man stuff in the garden (actually, it’s how my Ma ties daffodils up, but they don’t need to know that)!

So Adam whirled James round for a bit.

Then found himself under attack!

From all angles!

Luckily, we distracted this little budding engineer with a bicycle.

Now if only we could have found a way to use this power to grind corn or generate electricity….

Maddy the winsome witch plots her next move – trusty wand by her side.

A daring commando raid!

Hurrah! The children have gone! Which gin shall we have? How about a mix of both?