It’s Those Cooks Again

The Cook Clan came round for lunch today. Gary seemed determined to have the kids taken away by social services…

….really determined!

However, Maddy had a plan….

…she quickly persuaded Adam…

….and Gary had a taste of his own medicine!

We found him something else to do – see if the ‘f*$k off’ lense from old SLR was compatible with my new digital (it was).

The kids continued to eat us out of house and home! I love the colours in this plum – and yes we know the table needs oiling.

Sue and Maddy serenaded us.

James showed what a cool dude he was.

All in all far too exciting and we had to have a rest!

OK chaps – you can stop playing dead now, they’ve gone!

Eynsham C.C. in Action

Had very English afternoon watching one of Eynsham’s teams playing cricket. For those of you of a transatlantic disposition, or WELSH, can you find the rules here. However, when they’re not having meal breaks, the players stand a round doing nothing quite often.

Here is a rare action shot – in this case Gary racing between the wickets during his dashing 18 run stand.

Here the hero returns, beaten but not bowed.

To be replaced by an equally brave team mate.

Have to say – we were too busy putting paid to the picnic to take a great deal of notice. I hope we clapped in all the right places.

I was rather taken by this chap in his excellent titfer. The child in the background who looks like he’s been raised by wolves is James (and those are his Mother’s words)

Maddy got into the spirit of things though – as you can see she has an unorthodox stance….

….but it’s quite effective.

And when you’ve had enough of cricket, there’s always hair braiding.

Eynsham – May Bank Holiday

Ah – May Bank Holiday in Eynsham and the Morris were out. I used to despise Morris dancing before I came to Eynsham, but there’s something about these guys….

The chap on the left looks like he really needs the loo.

Glad to say he had a rest later.

This ‘Anzac’ hat is one of the ones worn by the troop in the 1930s. They bring it out on May Day for luck.

I was very taken with the pewter badge. Somehow this character looks macho and pagan.

As does Derek with his amazing flowers… good from the front….

And from the back!

Even his grandchildren are in on the act. I just adore his granddaughter’s plump little cheeks!

Robin was his usual dashing self.

But the bike and the collecting tins reminded everyone what a difficult year it’s been.

Good to see love was in the air!

Sue,Gary, Sue’s Dad, Gordon, and the urchins came over for the afternoon.

Maddy and Billy soon became fast friends.

Although Adam didn’t want to be left out.

But sometimes a girl just wants to be alone…

Boys on the other hand need wine, and rough and tumble.

Then onto Lorna’s to be a 2nd opinion. While I was there I picked up this pastel which you may have already seen on her blog. I wish I looked this alluring IRL.