Pygmy Goats at Foxbury

On Saturday afternoon I was feeling frayed for various reasons. What better than to pop off to Foxbury Farm to see the baby goats.
I’m sure there’s room for a few in the back garden…especially if we construct that goat bridge…

Foxbury Farm Lambs

Spring is here, and so are the lambs at Foxbury Farm.
They come in both black and white.
Oh look, you can play spot the goat!
Both the goat and donkey were very friendly.
I was more friendly to the donkey, as it didn’t try and eat my scarf.

Foxbury Farm Cuties

Dear Reader (or should that be Surfer?, as you’ve probably gathered, I’m a sucker for anything cute…

…on our last trip to the Foxbury Farm shop (which I can’t recommend highly enough), I had the chance to squeal at these chaps/chappesses.