Lille Day 2

Isn’t this street cleaner great? I like the way it looks like he’s taking for a walk.

From a certain angle, the angel on the cathedral looked like it was hovering over the Old Town.

As you can see, it has a very different look and feel from the New Town.

The buildings are more obviously Flemish in character.

I really like the juxtaposition of different types of buildings.

This one was very fine.

I was so pleased to catch the light and shade on this doorway.

The French do wonderful childrens’ clothes and toys. These tiny dodgems were whizzing round sixteen to the dozen!

Now that’s a proper bike.

I love the naive solidity of these figures.

So I bought some earrings as well – but they were only 15E.

French single malt? How could I not bring some home? And very nice it is too – “hic”.

Came across an interesting little atelier with no one inside. I was very rude and had a good peer in.

These cute little chaps were a great advertisment…

…for a rather delicious florists. French florists are such things of beauty. How could you not want to buy it all?

In the street of the hunchback cat (La Rue des Chat Bossus)….

…there is a very famous seafood restaurant. It looks like my kind of place doesn’t it. Sadly, we couldn’t afford to go there, but don’t feel too sorry for me as we went to the sister restaurant and had a very good meal.

On Saturday we had lunch here, t’Rijsel (the Flemish for Lille). I haven’t seen that many hops outside a Kentish pub!

We might have gone here, but you can’t just got to a place becuase it has a cool sign – can you?

Now what do you make of this? I wondered if you had to solve a murder before you were served. A. reckons that it was a gay bar as it was advertising the DJ ‘Madame Phi-Phi’.

Later we bought some cheese – wow – a cheese guillotine.

Lille Day 1

We left Eynsham for the Channel Tunnel at some ungodly hour (note to self – going out with crazy artist type and getting sloshed before you have an early start is not a good idea!).

While queuing to board the Eurotunnel shuttle, we saw this interesting modern white horse cut into the chalk hillside. Adam took a bit of convincing that it was indeed a horse!

Lille’s ‘new town’ is based round a number of squares. As you can see it’s an interesting mix of French and Flemish architecture.

This lady was erected to mark the town’s deliverence from someone or other. I like the knee.

The clock tower, the clock tower! On the hour it issues forth the most incredibly tunless two-tone recording of ‘The Ode to Joy’ you have EVER heard. You could tell who the tourists were, they were the ones falling about laughing.

I was intrigued by these Flemish caps. Were they decoration? Or were they showing you could buy nice pins for them?

This quad (the old Bourse) was beautifully decorated.

Things like this pipe make me very happy – bugger minimalism.

The opera was very impressive.

Again a set of great knees.

The detail on this lyre is lovely.

A very French street corner and cupola.

Lovely tiles, shame about the condition. Reminded me of the lino cut Graham is working on.

Lille is packed full of artisan jewellers – I was rather restrained considering.

This chap is Faidherbe – one of Lille’s famous sons. I loved the shape of the horse.

This lady looks uncomfortable – but wouldn’t you if you had a lion growing out of your nether regions (or is it a dog?).

Here she is in situ (you can see the nice quad through the door way).

Lots of lovely shopfronts.

Lots of cherubs frisking about the place.

These mouldings above the bread shop were fun.

You really know that you’re in France when you see the bread…

mad cyclists…

and accordian displays!

The boy looks amazingly wistful in front of guitar shop windows.

The Opera really came into its own at night.

As did the square (note to self – high heels and wet cobbles are not a good combination).
Did I mention that our room was a bit orange?

The hotel stairs were great though.

The bar-cum-breakfast room was cute too.

Note to self – hide the camera or the boy will persist in taking your photo. Yes, dear reader I was finishing the day by writing a postcard.