Northern Cyprus – Korineum Golf Club

As well as being a WAG, I was also in Cyprus on assignment – to take pics of the Korineum Golf Club for Golf Course Architecture magazine. I won’t include those shots here, these are the ones I took for myself :-).

Here is the magnificent Five Finger mountain which dominates the course. So called because it looks like the knuckles on a hand.

I was very taken by the way these carts were waiting patiently like wallflowers at a dance.

And the shadows were wonderful too!

This shape is fantastic. I was glad to see that the course developers had kept a lot of the old trees.

Here is Adam looking for his ball the lazy way…the extreme off-road carting he indulged in made me about as uncomfortable as the time we went off-road biking in Scotland. I was sure my bosoms were going to meet up round the back! However, I did get to drive some of the time which was fun..

Yummy olives…they really do look like grapes here Naomi!

Man in unison with nature.

We found the ball here. I guess it must have been placed there…but it made me laugh.