Cornwall July 2015 – Post Isaac

Port Isaac

…really is…

…a very pretty place.

It’s little wonder…

…that it’s often used as a film location.

However, it’s still a working harbour…

…watched over by an old ship’s figure head.

While we were there the lifeboat was called out. Nowadays they’re taken down to the sea by tractor rather than by horse.

I’m glad to say that we saw them come back safely.

Madeira Day 4 – Câmara de Lobos

On Wednesday we hired a car – our first stop was Câmara de Lobos .

It was the first place that the discoverer of Madeira, João Gonçalves Zarco landed. Apparently, he saw the sea cliffs at Cabo Girão (of which more later) and turned back. Winston Churchill stopped off here in 1950 and did a few daubs.

As you can see from the terracing on the hillside, no land in Madeira is wasted. If there’s a patch of earth, they’ll get a banana tree or some vines in it. It’s quite inspiring, but it makes you realise, just how hard life still is for many Madeirans.

Câmara de Lobos is a thriving harbour – although when we were there, the fishermen were all busy playing snooker, cards and expectorating.

As you’d expect – I was very keen on the different blues of the fishing boats. I’ve cropped this to get rid of street ligts and all those other nasty modern things :-).

The bar where we had a coffee, had a big football scarf collection. As I was discussing with Lorna, yesterday – it’s always interesting to see collections of things.

The BVM is very popular in Maderia.