Italy 2012 – Salt cod

I love salt cod. It’s so cheap in Italy (and Spain, and Portugal for that matter), this was a supermarket display. I must see if I can find a source at a reasonable price in the UK. Perhaps in a Jamaican store?

Italy 2012 – Venice, Rialto Fish Market

There’s been a fish market at the Rialto for a long time…

…almost a 1,000 years.

There is every single type of shellfish…

…and seafood you can imagine.

Especially if you have a good immagination.

So it’s little wonder…

…that we couldn’t make up our mind what to buy.

Turkey 2010 – Ephesus Hill Houses

Over the last 10 years or so, some high status houses in Ephesus have started to be excavated.

You have to pay an extra fee to see them, and it’s well worth it.
Some of the work is like a huge jigsaw puzzle.
The scale of the houses is quite astounding.
The fresco work is, by all accounts, the finest outside Pompeii.
My jaw dropped when I saw this.

As you can see there are lots and lots of finds.

Look, a Roman goth (although goth meant something quite different then!).
Each house was built under the terrace of the house above.
A Roman water pipe.
Lovely little cherubs…
…and a nice lion.
More jaw dropping stuff…
…astonishingly well preserved.
I thought you might like a better look at the ‘goth girl’, she even has black lipstick.
My fave was this pigeon…
…although this fish was fabulous too.

My Latest Trip to Bodiam Castle

I’m just back from a few days in Kent visiting the APs. As I was there for more than the usual weekend dash, I had time to visit various childhood haunts.

This is Bodiam Castle – when I grew out of children’s parties (for which my Mum sewed me long party dresses – how times have changed!), I always chose a trip to Bodiam.

The castle was built (or rather a house extended and fortified) to repel pirate raids. As the sea has receded it’s hard to imagine that this was in dangerous territory – although the WW2 tank trap is a reminder that invasion was feared not that long ago (although with a sodding big castle, why do you need a tank trap?).

[The Boy tells me that this is because a tank would “Blow the shit out of the castle”.]

The moat is full of huge carp.

I was rather taken by these sheds – they’ve weathered nicely.

Handwash only?

From this angle (where the drawbridge would have been) you can peek through the castle.

As long as I can remember – I’ve loved this place.

Madeira Day 2 – The Fish Market

In Funchal Old Town there are some lovely Art Deco buildings.

This includes the market – apologies for the light spoil, but this is my only pic.

I got to the fish market quite late, but this should give you a feel of the place.

Yum – look at the tuna.

This is espada – a deep sea fish. And it’s pretty yum too 🙂

My Supper

You shall have a fishy, on a little dishy etc. etc. Aren’t these beautiful? These lemon sole look like two little ghosts.

I find the patterns on fish quite fascinating. The delicacy is amazing.

A few minutes under the grill and it tasted amazing too – the very best kind of fast food.

Looks like Billy agrees!