Typical Saturday

Here is my typical Saturday. Pootle up the road and buy some nice veg. OK – it’s not France or Florence, but it’s a damn sight better than the alternative. Plus they are LOCAL.

And Anneke and David are really nice people (and I’d have written this even if David hadn’t given me a free fig on Saturday).

Then for a coffee…and maybe a little something at The Emporium. OK – this wasn’t a typical Saturday as my folks were visiting. Here they are with the lovely Lorna and the alluring Fiona.

Then we head off to the butcher for the Sunday joint and a bit of banter. Martin, one of the butchers is a martial arts expert of some kind. I have visions of him karate chopping the joints up in the cold store.

And then onto the deli for other food delights. As you can see, I was stalking Fiona.

Then I usually relax. My Ma is incapable of relaxing – it makes her ill. Here she is weeding and stroking the cat at the same time!