Walking round Uluru

I just don’t have the words to describe the rock, and how it made me feel. It’s such a spiritual place. I’ll let the pictures tell their own story. Adam took a fair few of these pictures.

Did I mention it was 40 degrees C?

And very dusty…

Ménage à toe!

Thank you A. for the pun! I find feet fascinating – they come in some many different shapes and sizes. Here we have from left to right – Lorna’s (size 11), mine (6 and a bit) and A.’s (10). Lorna and I both have small big toes (Florentine feet) while A. has the more classical BIG big toe.

Here is the contrast between me and Lorna.

A’s foot looks huge here, although it’s on the smaller side for a chap (especially one who’s 6 foot 3).

Here you can really see the difference in toe length.
Next time you come round to my place – be prepared to take your socks off!

Florence – Incidental

One of the reasons to go to the Continent is to sit in bars and people watch. I’m glad to say we did plenty of that. BTW – I must point out that alothough Fr. Rattue is posed with beer glasses they were mine and Iona’s (butch girls with those GRANDE beers again).

Virgina – the pillar box does not exist in Italy and the post boxes are very dull, although they are red. However, I though this letterbox was fantastic. having your name carved in marble gives a real sense of permenance not often found nowadays!

I was very intrigued by these ‘torch’ holders, until I realised that they were probably the remains of fittings for gas lamps.

Lots of metal lion door knockers, but this was the only wodden one I saw. I liked the contrast between the two materials.

Now – when you go sight seeing wera proper shoes. or you’ll end up with blisters like me. It appears that the Italian for compede – is il compede. I sat me down in the doorway of Dolchi & Gabbana while A. put the plasters on

A bidet full of cold water is very refreshing -even if your screams do intrigue your flat mates.

Sunny Day

Hurrah – Spring is here ans soon socks will be a distant memory! I like my feet despite my ‘devil’s toes’.

Henry Moore Feet

Here is a picture I took a few years ago. I love the fact that Katie and her daughter Holly have the same shape feet. I call them Henry Moore feet – as his statues have feet the same shape.