Some of my Favorite Pictures

Feeling really grotty today – so I’ve occupied myself with something that’s very low impact. I’ve been sorting through the piles of photos I’ve accumulated over the years. Here are a few that I really like.

This one is my Uncle John teaching my niece and nephew to row on the river at Alveston – just as he taught my sister, brother and me. It captures a special moment.

These handmade signs were outside a monastry garden in Majorca. The images are perfectly clear, but subverted somehow.

OK – this is pure sentiment. I love otters of all varieties. They move so fast that I was very pleased to get a clean shot.

The texture and the colour of these leaves (from the gardens of Castle Drogo in Somerset) is stunning.

Since I was a kid, spending my summers on the river, I’ve been fascinated by oars in water.

This is the shadow of the window lead on the floor of Stanton Highcourt church. I have 100s of photos of different shadow shapes.

Sunset at Eynsham tollbridge in flood. This solitary boat looked very lonely.

I love Cornwall and one of my special places is the Barbara Hepworth sculpture garden in St.Ives. There is an amzing sense of peace there. The sculpture and planting knit together incredibly well.