Mick’s 70th birthday party

Yesterday, was our friend Mick’s 70th birthday party.

I’m blest, not only to have great parents, but great 2nd parents, in Mick…

…and Bren (on the left, with her sister Sheila.

What better than an afternoon tea?

[The handbag was made for me by my friend Julia]

As Mick said, quoting Henry James, “Summer afternoon – summer afternoon; to me these have always been the most beautiful words in the English language”.

Burgundy 2012

Earlier this month we had a lovely week in Burgundy.

It was three years since we’d last visited, and it was lovely. We went to some of our favourite places; some new places; had some nice meals; drank some good wine…

…and saw some old friends :-).

The thing was to spend time with André and Christopher in Moulins-Englibert.

I can’t put it into words, but it’s a very special place.

The Head of Steam – Huddersfield

Now…I’d hate you to think that I spent all my leisure time in Public Houses…

…but this lunchtime I popped into ‘The Head of Steam’ on Huddersfield railway station.
It’s full of railway memorabilia, and has a great atmosphere. I’m told that it has great beer too, but I stuck to Fentimans.
Lunch with my lovely boys, fantastic.

Surreal Sorrow – RIP Peter Lawrence

My wonderful father-in-law, Pete, passed away on 1st January, after a huge stroke on 19th December. I can’t begin to articulate our shock, and how much we’re all going to miss him.

He was one of the finest people I’ve had the honour to know.

My lovely Dad

The best bit about the trip was spending time with my Pa…

…who really is having the time of his life.

North Leigh Roman Villa

As some of you know, Adam and I have made a few vain attempts to find the Roman villa at North Leigh. Hurrah – we managed it on Sunday (it’s not difficult, we’ve just been a bit clueless).

As you can see, those Roman chaps choose a rather nice spot.

It must have been quite a place in its heyday.

Sadly, we weren’t able to view the mosaic pavement, as the viewing windows have been vandalised.
Due to the power of the iPhone, Adam was able to pick up the football scores (0 – 6 to Huddersfield Town, so worth finding out).

I think it was all too much for my Ma…

…just like this little foal.

Moving Day!

My Ma and Pa are absolutely fantastic. They are always happy to help us out. This weekend they came up to help us move the greenhouse from our neighbour, Elsie’s, garden into ours.

Here it begins, the eucalyptus is dead…long live the greenhouse!

The first stage was taking down a couple of fence panels.

Elsie and Brian, her gardener came out to point and laugh.

The Boy and my Pa started by taking the glass out of the frame.

Here is a picture of Billy, NOT helping…

…and one of my Ma washing the glass.

Sadly, the wind caught some of the glass and smashed it.

Ma and I laid it on the glass for safe keeping.

Mr and Mrs Marmalade Kiss happened to come out into their garden when the last few panels were coming off.

Mr MK was kind enough to come round and help move the frame…up, up and away!

Down into the garden at no 29.

Then back came in the glass.

Thank you very much to Ma, Pa, Elsie, Brian, Marilyn & David (for moving Elsie’s lilies), Mr MK and everyone at Evenlode DIY.