Death in Eynsham

On my way home from Mass on Sunday I stopped off for a chat with my friend Berndt. As I was in the graveyard, I took a few more minutes to have a wander.

I’d never noticed this one before…

…and I love this cross little cherub.

This grave always me pause ‘gone but not forgotten by his loving Mother’.

There are still plenty of Wasties in Eynsham.

Fresh Air by the Fishponds

Last night I had that telltale tickle in my throat, and I woke up this morning with a VILE cold. Although we now have lovely fire, I decided to go for walk this afternoon, to brush away from of the cobwebs. I had a wander round one of Eynsham’s treasures – the Abbey Fishponds.

Eynsham had an abbey until naughty old Henry VIII fell for Anne Boleyn, and the church’s money. The Anglican church, St. Leonard’s (on the right), and the Roman Catholic church, St. Peter’s (on the left), are both on the site.

I was a bit late for the autumn colour…

…but there was still plenty to see.

I was also able to enjoy one of my favourite of life’s small pleasures – kicking through piles of fallen leaves.

A Few Questions…

Does this busker have the toy dog because his real dog is sleeping?
Is it my imagination or do they put the wellies on when it’s about to rain?
Racoon hair extensions? Made from racoon, for racoons?

Fantastic Floyd!

My neighbour Elsie was 100 yesterday.

Elsie was a child minder for many years. Here she is with two of her ‘babies’.

Baby it’s COLD Outside – View from the Cybergarret

Now, I know that a foot of snow is nothing to our Canadian cousins (and Aunts)…but it’s the heaviest we’ve seen in Eynsham.

Here are some snaps I took from our attic ‘home office’ (aka the cybergarret).

I’m not sure whether Elsie’s fruit net is going to hold up under the weight of the snow for much longer.

And here is our little plot…

…if you look carefully, you can see where Adam made his way to the shed to stock up on logs.

Apart from the lamp post, Queen St looks pretty timeless.

Eynsham Moss

I spied this moss on the top the wall in Pugg Lane the other day. It’s one of those small lovely things that makes a day.

Hurrah – Elsie’s Home

Our lovely neighbour, Elsie, who is 99 1/2, came home after seven weeks (and a broken hip) in hospital (she fell over just hours after we’d left for Aus). She’s a tough, old thing – no many people would be back home living on their own after an accident like that.

We decided to mark the occasion in carnival style!