I’ve posted about issues with my prosthetic eye before – however after much love and support (notably from The Boy and Dr Bones) I’ve started investigation options to improve my current set-up.

On Tuesday I had an appointment at the Oxford Eye Hospital. The lovely Miss Hague suggests a course of treatment, that would consist of three possibly four operations, over 18 months. For some of the time I wouldn’t be able to wear a prosthesis, so I’d need to adopt a piratical look (which if it wasn’t so uncomfortable after a few hours, would be no bad thing). The first operation would be under general anaesthetic – which means I need to reduce my BMI to make that safer.

I really don’t know what I want to do – and the ‘anti’ camp is strengthened by the fact my private health insurance won’t cover it, because it’s deemed ‘cosmetic’. However, I’ve a while to make up my mind, as I’ve a fair amount of weight to lose before I can even be put on a waiting list!

More Portrait Thoughts

Following on from my glasses musings, I had a chat with Lorna. Amongst other things she asked me what I wanted her to do about the fact that my eyes don’t focus together. Be true to life? Or paint them in as the same?

I know that this is true of my eyes, of course, but I hadn’t thought about it for a long time.

So I decided to photograph my eye movement. The moves are extreme – but it’s very obvious with UP.

No so obvious with DOWN.

Blindingly obvious with RIGHT.

And frankly demented with LEFT.
Seeing myself like this has made me feel rather strange. For the portrait, I’m with Oliver Cromwell – but right now I feel as I did when I was a young teenager. That I’m a strange looking creature that everyone must be laughing at.