MissT is stinky!

Brrrrr…it’s cold! The combi boiler isn’t igniting, so no heating and no hot water! MissT hasn’t been this cold since she left her childhood abode to go to college, as her cruel APs didn’t get central heating until the kids left home (or telly for that matter).
At The Boy’s suggestion I brought the fan heater down from the attic, and stupidly plugged it into the extension socket (which you shouldn’t do anyway – and I’d forgotten that the fuse in it is only working cos it was mended with some silver paper). The extension socket then became v. hot, scorched the rug and fused the sockets.
I minced off to the pub in disgust – anyone would think I lived on a boat!
(A nice boiler engineer who Marmaladekiss swears by is coming tomorrow – hurrah!)

Note to self…

…boiling the kettle with out any water in it is foolish, on many levels.

Still, my many years in IT support meant that I did a ‘hard reboot’ on everything, and soon sorted out why all our sockets had tripped.
Although, had I followed up why ‘the kettle was making a funny noise’ earlier, The Boy wouldn’t have had to dash out of the technogarret like a scalded cat.
Historia est vitae magistra…and all that jazz…

Dash It!

I have an acquaintence who lives without electricity, and I’m beginning to wonder if he has a point! One really comes to rely on it.

The reason for my conjectures – our fridge-freezer ist kaput! This has required a mercy dash over to the badlands of West Eynsham to shove various bits and pieces into a friend’s freezer. That leaves us praying that the weather doesn’t take a turn for the better, so our fridge contents remain OK.

You know what this means? No gin and tonic!!!! Maybe we’ll have to evacuate!

Madeira Day 2 – Casa da Luz

I admit that I went to The Electricity Museum in the hope of adding another museum to my ‘crap museums’ collection. However, it was a super place – given Madeira’s geography, bringing electricity to the island, was an amazing engineering achievement.

It was fantastic to see electrical components displayed as ‘art objects’ (as Lorna would say :-)). Here are some cables.

It would be easy to believe that these had been made by an artist, rather than an industrial process.

And there was even an Easter bunny!