Summer in Eynsham

We have been enjoying a bit of peace and calm after all the building work. These dragon flies seem to be happy.

Billy loves the sun.

Boots and Wallace enjoy a change of scene.

The beloved and I have a new sun trap.

The day I went to Bangor – UPDATED

Last Friday I flew into Belfast, then took the train to Bangor to met up with my Dad at the marina.

Bangor is a lovely little place…

…with plenty to wander round and see…
…including some old life boats…
…fishing boats…
…and a mine sweeper.
I fell in love with the black guillemots who nest all over the marina.
They are totally habituated to people and and hang around like little penguins.
I’m glad that I had the chance to see Rose the seal (who habitually hangs around the marina)…
…and these well dressed minature schnauzers.
Bye,bye Bangor.

An Evening in St Kilda

One evening we popped over to St Kilda to meet up with a hazard (that must be the collective noun) of golf course architects.

Nice place to sail a yacht.

We saw the ‘Spirit of Tasmania’ ferry leaving for Tasmania…

…two lovely hounds…

…and a beautiful sunset.

Cruise to Banbury on nb Bones

On Saturday, The Boy and I joined Dr Bones and Crew at Twyford Mill, for a cruise up to Banbury.

Boots decided that it was more fun to run up and down the tow path, with the odd pause to pose looking noble…

…or checking out the locks.

As Maffi was hors de combat, and I’m not very handy, it was up to The Boy and Dr Bones to navigate the locks.

Locks are rather scary when you’re at the bottom – and the water is coming in!

What was Molly doing? A little bit of looking out…

…some snoozing…

…and a bit of a cuddle.

“Hey Boots, look…food!”

The dainties from the Cornucopia deli in Eynsham, are NOT FOR DOGS!

We jumped ship at Banbury, and took the train home.

“Hey Boots – we’re famous!”

This week just gone we had some friends visiting. No visit to Traves-Lawrence Towers is complete without a trip over to Annie’s Tea Room in Thrupp, so we pottered over there on Tuesday.

It gave us the chance to catch up with Dr Bones, Maffi, Boots & Molly. Dr Bones was kind enough to show my friend Elaine’s urchins round nb Bones. I hope Dr Bones doesn’t mind that she’s become a tourist attraction.