Religious Scene

This little boxed scene was brought back from Spain by the morganatic wife of Christian VII of Denmark. It puts the tat I bring back for The Weeping Cross to shame!

Denmark 2008 – Ebeltoft

Lots of Danes have a summer house by the sea. Mogens (my Ma’s cousin Birgit’s, other half) has one in Ebeltoft on Jutland. This beautiful boat is the Fregatten Jylland – the longest wooden boat in the world. 

Here is a close up of the figure head.
It’s still a great place to sail…
…and it’s a commercial harbour too.
We took the ferry (with a cheery, lady captain) from Ebeltoft over to Zealand. 
The warship in the bay was a reminder that the Baltic is still an important sea lane.
The ferry doesn’t half shift! I was amused that The Boy and I both took this snap independantly on different trips!
The spray cast little rainbows on the windows!

Denmark 2008 – Watch this Space!

As some of you may know, I’ve been away in Denmark visiting family and friends. My Danish photos will be up soon, but I have to finish blogging my Istanbul ones first!

Thank you for all your comments.