Malham Cove

We went quite late in the day to Malham Cove. Up on the moor at the top of the dale the limestone chunks make in look like a moonscape (except for the road).

Down in the dale, the sheep folds make the strangest of shapes.

And then there’s the rock face itself, quite the most amazing sight.

I was surprised to see climbers, as I’d have thought that limestone was a bit too crumbly.

This beautifully shaped rock shows the effects of the glacier that shaped the dale. It was wonderfully smooth to the touch. How many sculptures are so satisfying?

The path to the rock face runs along a mossy beck and it’s all rather ‘Lord of the Rings’ish.

Especially this bridge – it was a piece of luck to get a clear shot as all the visiting kids love it.

I wish I had the gumption to knock on the owner of the garden’s door and ask the story behind this peacock.

We finished the afternoon of with a piece of curd tart (bought in Skipton) and in my case a lovely pint of Pendle blonde witch.