Kilnave Cross

On the left hand side of Loch Griunart, is the ruined chapel at Kilnave, which has another beautiful Celtic cross. I loved the contrast in texture between the chapel and the cross.

Sharp edges here…
…softness of the weathered cross…
…which is amazingly thin.

Kildalton Cross

Aided by by Hamish Haswell-Smith’s excellent book on the Scottish islands, we decided to make our way to see the Kildalton Cross. On the way we spotted this yacht, which had found a nice little anchorage.

The bluestone cross dates from the 8th century, and it beautifully detailed.
It’s thought that the artist is from Iona, as it looks like it’s by the same hand as three crosses found there.
The metalwork like (OK that’s not good English) bosses are fabulous…
…but I was most taken with this Mother and child, quite lovely.